Kiroro Ski Resort

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Kiroro Ski Resort is the closest large resort to Sapporo, taking about 60 minutes by car from the Sapporo-nishi IC. With fresh powdery snow nearly on a daily basis and a wide variety of courses, this is the perfect place for beginners and experts alike. Also, the new Club Med Kiroro resort is scheduled to open this winter. Make sure to come and experience all that the advanced Kiroro Ski Resort has to offer.

Address Tokiwa 128-1 Akaigawa, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido
Business days December 1, 2024 - May 6, 2025 (planned)
Phone 0135-34-7171
Parking 2,000 spaces

Kiroro Ski Resort
Recommended Transportation

Direct bus from Sapporo – Recommended

The Kiroro Ski Resort Bus runs once per day from hotels near Susukino, Odori Ave, and Sapporo Station.
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  • Susukino-Odori Ave-Sapporo Station About 90 min.
  • Kiroro Ski Resort

JR from Sapporo to Otaru

Travel from Sapporo Station to Otaru by JR and enjoy Otaru sightseeing and day-trip skiing. Take the JR from Sapporo Station to Otaru Station (JR Semi Rapid Ishikari Liner or JR Semi Rapid Airport). From Otaru Station, take a taxi to Kiroro Ski Resort.

  • Sapporo Sta. About 85 min.
  • Otaru Sta. By taxi About 40 min.
  • Kiroro Ski Resort

From Sapporo by car

Area sightseeing + skiing

  • Sapporo About 58 km (About 75 min.)
  • Kiroro Ski Resort

Taxi within Otaru

Fare: ¥6,000 – ¥8,000(Differs depending on late night surcharges, traffic conditions, etc.)
Inquiries: Otaru Tsubame Taxi
Tel: 0134-27-2111

  • Otaru City About 40 min.
  • Kiroro Ski Resort

Kiroro Ski Resort
Recommended Area Spots

Tanaka Sake Brewing Kikkogura

This local Otaru sake brewery is run by Tanaka Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. Constructed in 1905, the building is designated as a historic Otaru structure. Visitors can view the brewing process and equipment through windows at the brewery. Sake and food sampling is also available, including unprocessed sake directly from the cask, nearly 10 different varieties of sake, sake manju cakes, and sake lees sembei crackers.

Otaru Snow Story

This long-running illumination event lasts from November to January each year. The Blue Canal is the main attraction, where nearly 10,000 LED lights illuminate Otaru Canal after sunset, reflecting off the fallen snow and surface of the water, painting the entire scene in vivid blue for a truly romantic view. During the event, the boats of the Otaru Canal cruises, which are popular among tourists, are also illuminated, enveloping the entire canal in blue light.

Otaru Aquarium

Otaru Aquarium is home to nearly 250 species of aquatic creatures and fish on permanent display. The aquarium shifts to winter operations from early December, featuring unique events and displays that make use of the snow and cold weather. One of the most popular winter events is the march of the penguins through the snow, where visitors can watch gentoo penguins go for a stroll. These adorable birds are impossible to look away from as they enjoy walking around wherever they like through the snow. The outdoor Cold Pool, which can only be seen during winter, is home to two spotted seals. On days where it’s cold enough for the surface of the pool to freeze, you can watch them push through the ice and swim just as they do in the wild.

Yamanaka Dairy Farm

The cows at Yamanaka Dairy Farm are given natural feed and raised free range outdoors whenver possible so that they can enjoy a stress-free environment. At the farm shop, you can purchase a variety of dairy products made with this wonderful milk, with the original soft serve ice cream being one of the most popular items.