Rusutsu Resort

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What?! Rusutsu is just 50 minutes from Sapporo? It’s true! If you stay at Jozankei Onsen, the resort is a convenient distance away. Sapporo Kokusai, Niseko, and other resorts are also close by, making it perfect for skiing and visiting Sapporo.

Address 13 Izumikawa Rusutsu, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
Business days November 23, 2024 - March 30, 2025 (planned)
Phone 0136-46-3331 (Direct)
Parking 3,000 spaces

Rusutsu Resort
Recommended Transportation

By car from Jozankei Onsen – Recommended

Area sightseeing + skiing
Note: Downtown Sapporo to Jozankei Gorge is about 40 minutes by car

  • Downtown Sapporo About 40 min.
  • Jozankei Onsen About 50 min.
  • Rusutsu Resort

Free bus from Sapporo

A free bus runs every day from Sapporo to Rusutsu Resort
Click for details

  • Downtown Sapporo About 2 hours
  • Rusutsu Resort

Rusutsu Resort
Recommended Area Spots

Nakayama Pass

This sightseeing spot is located at the summit of Nakayama Pass, which welcomes nearly 4 million visitors per year. It’s the perfect spot for viewing Mt. Yotei, and on clear days, the contrast between the snow-covered summit and the blue sky is dazzlingly beautiful. The famous fried potatoes here are coated in a secret, magical powder and fried to perfection. The crispy batter matches perfectly with the piping-hot, sweet potatoes for a completely unique taste.

Fukidashi Park

Rainfall and snowmelt from Mt. Yotei, also known as Ezo Fuji, is filtered and fortified with subsoil minerals over decades to result in incredibly pure spring water. Fukidashi Park is home to one of the largest springs in the country, producing 80,000 tons of water per day, which is enough for 300,000 people to use on a daily basis. In 1985 it was selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of Japan’s 100 most famous waters. The park attracts many visitors who come to taste some of this delicious, natural water.